August, The Ever-Burning Flame

A light stood still, devoted and unwavering. What first began as an ordinary day, the flame burning as it did any other evening, soon became something far greater. By the next morning, the flame had not gone. Still it stood, calm and enduring. Initially this did not cause much excitement, but as the sun set and … Continue reading August, The Ever-Burning Flame


Scorpio Full Moon — Climax

What a magical evening it is to be alive. How utterly magnificent it feels to rise as we have been, as we will continue to. Can you feel your power being awakened? Can you feel it growling with an insatiable hunger inside of you? Ready to feast on what it has been desiring for far … Continue reading Scorpio Full Moon — Climax

Cosmic Update — December

December is a whirlwind of surrender, exploration, accelerated change, and fluid, yet crystallized revelation. We are leaving a year of reconstruction that is 2017, that which is both exciting and somewhat bittersweet, at least for myself personally. This was truly a fantastic year with tremendous opportunity for permanent rebirth. Rather than repeating the process of … Continue reading Cosmic Update — December

Cosmic Update — November

The Sun has entered Sagittarius, prompting the essence of the Soul, the I Am, the boundless source of consciousness to leave the depths of the underworld that is Scorpionic energy. It now comes bearing profound new insight and revelation pertaining to one's purpose here, beyond the pain that has been uncovered and transmuted throughout the … Continue reading Cosmic Update — November